And I feel much better!

Yesterday I was quite sick. I think it was from food the night before; either lasagna or popcorn. Either way, I was feeling pretty queasy. I took it easy in the morning and only ate smoothies and veggies. I took a nap in the afternoon and I felt a little better. That was good because I was committed to making it to Rehearsal at Oasis

When I arrived, I still felt sick, but stepping into the rehearsal room with my bass gave my a little life. It was nothing, however, compared the strength I got when I began to worship God. It was a miracle. Getting the focus off of me and onto God, because that is exactly what worship is, was the cure. The rest of the night was amazing, I felt really well, I played really well, I slept soundly when I got home, and I have no sickness today!

2 Kings 17:39

“You must worship the LORD your God; then he will rescue you from the power of all your enemies.”

He sure rescued me from the power of sickness. And I am grateful.

See, this short but sweet story is one example of God’s realness and goodness. I can’t prove that God’s real, but I know he is.


About Jacob Abinante

I am a firm believer, and I have found much success applying the truths from the Bible to my life. I am an artist; a singer, songwriter and musician. I love biking and playing table tennis in my free time. I have an adorable dog named Samson and a family of 7.
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2 Responses to And I feel much better!

  1. ann says:

    I am so very excited about you walking it out day by day trusting God for the miracles!


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