What America needs

Amber waves of grain

America is doing badly. Our economy is suffering. And I don’t just mean money; that’s just how we measure economy. There are severe droughts on the west coast and floodings in the Midwest and politicians on the east coast. It’s a joke, but not really…

On top of that, morale is at an all time low, just walk outside. Our land is hurt.

I have been studying a verse that I hope many people will find encouraging. It is 2 Chronicles 7:14.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


The first thing that strikes me is that it takes humility to pray. Humility is a beautiful quality; it is the opposite of pride, arrogance and haughtiness. Yet, few people are humble. Humble people ask for help, admit when they are wrong and work on their character. This is the person God looks for. There is hope for a humble man.

Let me just clarify. Both prideful and humble people sin. But you need to be humble to ask for forgiveness.

Next after “humble themselves and pray” is seek God’s face. Seeking God’s face is seeking his presence. Think of God as a perfect father. He doesn’t just want to send you presents in the mail. He wants you to visit him and spend time in his presence. 

We must also turn from our wicked ways. Here is one of the most wicked things that has become the way in America: Abortion. It’s one of the seven things that are detestable to the Lord; hands that shed innocent blood. (Proverbs 6:16-19) Gay marriage is another huge one. And both practices are legal in many states. 

If you do turn from our wicked ways, God is rich in mercy and there are three things this verse promises. He will hear from heaven. Pause. So if God will hear from heaven, what is the visual now? God can’t look at us, he can only listen? That grieves me, but yet he is listening for us to repent and he will hear us once we do.

Second, he will forgive our sin. We as a nation are under a curse from our own sin. If God can’t look at us how will he bless us. But upon our repentance he will promptly forgive us and dwell once again with us. 

And lastly, he will heal our land. Our economy, our food, our homes and families. He will heal it. I am down to see that.

You need to know, I am deeply committed to the success of this country, and I am taking a stand for it. What I want is for hard but true messages like this to reach many as many Americans as possible. So please do your part to share this. I will do the same.

Pride is not the answer; pride goes before a fall. The truth is the answer.


About Jacob Abinante

I am a firm believer, and I have found much success applying the truths from the Bible to my life. I am an artist; a singer, songwriter and musician. I love biking and playing table tennis in my free time. I have an adorable dog named Samson and a family of 7.
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2 Responses to What America needs

  1. Lieneyda Abinante says:

    soo true!!
    You speak with great wisdom!
    Each one of us needs to search our own souls and turn from our wicked ways!
    I heard recently that 7 pastors have been struck down from the pulpit just recently.
    Do you think God was kidding when he wrote that passage???


  2. Thanks, no God is for real. And he doesn’t change.


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